Product Compare

When trying to decide between many similar products, online shoppers want to compare prices and other features side-by-side to find the product that’s right for them.
By adding the option to compare products, store owners can help customers make the right choice. If you’re running a large store, with many similar products, giving customers the option to compare can make a big difference.

Product Compare Module Setup

To setup product compare in your store, do the following:
1.  Create a new page that is hidden in the menu.
2.  Add the product compare module to the page
3.  Go to the product compare module settings by clicking the gear in the upper right corner of the module.
4.  Select your store, product list page, product details page and checkout page from the dropdowns. 
5.  Click save when done to save your settings.

Product List Module - Enable Compare Button

To enable the compare button on the product listing module do the following:
1.  Go to the page with the product listing module 
2.  Edit the product listing module settings by clicking the gear in the upper right corner of the module.
3.  Select the page where you added the product compare module as shown in the following screen shot:
4.  Save settings
Please Note:  To enable the product compare button on the product details page following the same steps outlined above on the product details module.
The product listing with the compare button enabled should look like the following:

Comparing Products

To compare products, navigate to the product listing page and click the compare button for each product you want to compare.  Each time you click the compare button the following popup message will be displayed:
To view the compare page with all the products side by side click on the popup message above or navigate to the compare page.  
Once customers have selected a set of products to compare, they can see a detailed chart showing price, ratings, stock level and descriptions.

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