Country and Region Dropdowns

RazorCart uses the DNN table "Lists" to get the country names and states/provinces/regions names.  For example, to get Germany's states/provinces/regions you can run the sql script below 
SELECT * FROM Lists WHERE Text = 'Germany' OR ParentID IN (SELECT EntryID FROM Lists WHERE Text = 'Germany')
If your online store only sells in certain countries or regions you can delete any countries and regions you do not want from the DNN lists table.  Once you delete any countries and regions they will not show up in the respective dropdowns displayed to the user during checkout.  For example, if you only want to sell in the United States you can remove all the other countries and regions from the dropdown list in the checkout by doing the following:
1. Run SQL script
delete from Lists where ListName = 'Region' and ParentID in (select EntryID from Lists where ListName = 'Country' and text != 'United States')
delete from Lists where ListName = 'Country' and text != 'United States'
2. Clear DNN Cache

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