Configuring DNN SMTP Settings

Most of our modules send a confirmation email to your user after purchase or registration. In order to allow the module to send email, you must configure your SMTP Server Settings in DNN. 
Follow these steps to configure DNN SMTP Settings:
1) Login to your portal as a SuperUser or Host
2) Click on "Host Settings" from the "Host" menu 
3) Click the "Advanced Settings" tab
 Host Advanced Settings
4) Scroll down and expand the "SMTP Server Settings" section
SMTP Server Section
5) Enter your smtp server you will be sending email from in the "SMTP Server" text box
6) Select the "Basic" radio button for "SMTP Authentication" 
SMTP Authentication
7) Enter your "SMTP Username" and "SMTP Password"
SMTP Username and Password
8) Click the test link next to the smtp server to verify your credentials are correct 
Test SMTP Settings
9) Click the "Update Link" to save
SMTP Settings Save
A couple additional items to consider:
  • Make sure that your firewall allows bi directional traffic on ports 25 and 110. Some email hosts like google require other ports to be opened to send mail. Please contact your email host to for port configuration requirements
  • Setup a reverse dns record to for your domain name. This will ensure that your email does not get filtered by a firewall and the confirmation email does not go into the junk folder.
  • Some hosting companies/email service providers don't allow replacing the "from" email with an email address other than the one you authenticate with under the dnn host settings smtp section. For example, if you are using google apps, etc for your email server then they will replace the "from" address with the email account you authenticate with in your host smtp settings. A lot of email services consider this a relay which spammers are famous for.

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