Manage Product Images

The Image manager allows you to add, update and delete product images and also supports uploading multiple images at one time.

1.  To manage your product images, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Products" from the admin menu:

2.  Click the "Pencil" next to the product you want to edit:


3.  Click the "Images" menu option from the top product menu:


4.  Click the "Add" button to add new images:

The following screen will be displayed:

5.  Click the "Choose Files" button and the following dialog box will be displayed:


6.  Select all the images you want to upload and click the "Open" button.

7.  Click the "Upload Images" button and you will see the following screen:


8.  Enter a Title and/or Alt Tag(s) if applicable.

9.  Click the "Save" button to save the image


  • Thumbnail Images - Thuumbnail Images are dynamically created when uploading new images. To change the size of new thumbnail images, there 2 settings for thumbnail size in the Store Settings under the Product Images section that let you set the height and width of the thumbnail that is generated when you upload an image.
  • Main Image - The large product images that are displayed on the product details page as the main image and the additional photos for the image gallery the cart uses the size of the image that you upload. To control the size of the images displayed on the product detail page you will need to size those images before you upload to the cart.
  • Resizing Existing Images - If you need to change the size dimensions for each version of your image, click Advanced Settings. Each photo size has a specific use on your storefront that is described in the Product Image column of the Advanced Settings.


Sorting Product Images

To change the order of your Product Images, simply drag and drop the image to the desired location. Hover over an image until the you see the directional arrows, then drag the image to the new position, then release.


Delete Product Images

To delete a Product Image from the Manage Product Images page, check the checkbox next to the Product you wish to delete then click the “Delete” button to delete the selected Products.




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