Handling Setup

When you're calculating your shipping costs, you should take into account the cost of packaging as well as your time and labor spent preparing the order for fulfillment. Handling is an optional additional charge that can be added to the users order during checkout. Handling is shown in the cart as a separate line item unless the "Combine Shipping and Handling" option is enabled.

To configure handling, navigate to the page in your portal with the SmithCart BuyNow module and from the store admin menu click “Shipping” as follows:

Confirm you are in the Setup tab as seen below.
Then, scroll down to the section titled Handling Setup.



Handling Charge – Enter the handling charge that you want charged for domestic orders during checkout.

International Handling Charge – Enter the handling charge that you want charged to international orders during checkout.

Combine Shipping and Handling – Combining shipping and handling as a single line item allows you to set a fixed price for shipping by choosing free shipping above and entering a handling charge. This setting will combine shipping and handling to a single line item dollar amount in the cart checkout, order confirmation screen and email invoice receipt send to the user and store admin.

Charge Handling for Selected Products Only – This option will charge handling for selected products only. This option works in conjunction with the “Charge Handling” checkbox in the Product Setup screen. When “Charge Handling for Selected Products Only” and “Charge Handling” are enabled the cart will apply the following rules for charging handling:

  • If no items in the cart have “Charge Handling” checked in product setup then the cart will charge zero handling.
  • If at least one product in the cart has “Charge Handling” checked then use the cart will apply the handling amount configured in the Handling Setup section.

Click the Save button to save your changes.


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