Product Level Shipping

SmithCart supports configuring shipping costs and methods at the product level.

To configure product level shipping costs, navigate to the Admin Menu in the BuyNow module and select Products.


Find the product you would like to configure and then click the edit button.



Click on the “Shipping” option on the top menu of the Product Setup screen:


The following is a screen shot of the product level shipping setup screen:

1. Product Shipping Cost  

Product Shipping Cost – Enter the shipping cost you would like to charge for your product. When a shipping cost is entered for a product the cart will calculate the shipping cost based on the value entered for the product. If the user adds multiple products to their cart then the cart will sum the shipping cost for each product to determine the total shipping cost.

2. Product Shipping Methods

Product Shipping Methods - The shipping methods checked in the product setup screen above will control the shipping methods made available to customer in the cart screen at time of purchase. If multiple products are being purchased then cart will display ship methods available for all the products in the cart to be purchased.

 3. Restrict Shipping By State

Restrict Shipping By State - The cart provides the ability to prevent shipping to certain states by product. Please see the following screen to setup restricted ship states.

The list box on the left titled “States” contains a listing of all the states. The list box on the right titled “Restricted States” contains a list of the states you have selected as restricted states.

To create add restricted ship states for a product do the following:

1. Edit the product that you want to add restricted states to.

2. In the list box on the left, highlight the state you want to add to the restricted state list

4. Click the arrow button pointing to the right >>

5. Click the “Update” button and the bottom to save

When the user enters their ship to address on the cart screen and restricted states are enabled, and they choose a state to ship to that is restricted the cart will display a message “Product xyz cannot be shipped to the state you have selected” and not allow the user to proceed past the cart page until a valid state is selected.


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