Use Tax Tables

SmithCart provides the ability for you to charge tax in your store using a custom tax table lookup. 

To configure your cart to use tax tables, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Tax" from the admin menu:

The following tax setup page will be displayed:

Select “Use Tax Tables”.


Tax Table Setup

SmithCart comes pre loaded with the California tax tables.  If your operation is not based in California, you will need to visit the .gov web site for your region and download the tax tables.

Next, you need to import your tax rates. For more information, please see the kb article on importing your tax data.

The name of the SQL table is called "Smith_Tax".


Tax Table Lookup

During checkout the following fields entered by the customer are used to lookup tax rate:

  • City
  • State/Region
  • Postal Code

If you want to add an additional lookup field for county or tax district check the box titled "Use Step 1 Dropdown List in Tax Lookup":

When “Use Step1 Dropdown List in Tax Lookup” is checked the cart will display an additional dropdown list of counties on the Step 1 checkout page.

To populate the counties dropdownlist you need to add your tax districts or counties in the Step 1 dropdown list.  Click here to learn how to populate the step 1 dropdown list with counties.


Tax Regions

If you want to limit charging tax to only customers in certain tax regions, click here to view the kb article on defining tax regions.



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