GST stands for Goods and Services tax and PST stands for Provincial Sales Tax and is typically used for Canadian Provinces. PST is only charged for customers in your home province.

To configure your cart for GST/PST, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Tax" from the admin menu:

The following tax setup page will be displayed:


Please Note:  Product prices should be entered exclusive of tax – meaning tax is not included in the product price when entering products in the product setup screen.

GST/PST calculates two taxes, the GST and PST

GST Calculation

Subtotal = Total of all the items in the cart: (unit cost) x (quantity)

S&H = Shipping & Handling

GST = (Subtotal + S&H) x GST rate (BuyNow tax rate setting) – 5% is the current GST rate.

PST Calculation

Subtotal = Total of all the items in the cart: (unit cost) x (quantity)

PST = Subtotal x PST rate (found in the tax table for the province)

Total Tax = GST + PST

Note: In order for PST to be calculated properly you need to setup your provinces/regions in the tax table management screen off the store admin menu.

For more information on using Tax Tables, see the Tax Table Management KB article.

Tax Registration Number – The Tax Registration Number field is only displayed when either the HST or GST/PST tax options are selected and allows the store owner (merchant) to enter their tax registration number. After a successful order is placed the “Tax Registration Number” will be displayed on the invoice (confirmation page after payment). This is a requirement for merchants operating in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

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