Zip2Tax Real Time Tax

SmithCart is integrated with Zip2Tax to receive real time tax rates for your store.  When you configure your cart to use Zip2Tax, the cart will do a real time lookup to the Zip2Tax service and display the appropriate tax to the user in the cart checkout.

Zip2Tax provides accurate and timely sales and use tax data for each and every five-digit ZIP code in the United States. Zip2Tax is used by many Fortune 500 companies but is still very affordable for small organizations. Zip2Tax provides the following services

  • Real-time tax lookups
  • Real-time database integration
  • CSV tax tables

To configure Zip2Tax, navigate to the admin menu in the BuyNow module and select Tax.

Next, select the Tax Setup tab.



Select the Ship2Tax radio button from the tax options.



When Zip2Tax is selected you will be prompted to enter the following credentials:



For more information about the Zip2Tax service click the following link:

Note: SmithCart is integrated with the Zip2Tax database link service.

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