Customer Import

The Customer Import allows you to import customers from a CSV file.  When importing your Customers, the program will lookup records by Email, if the Email currently exists in the database the import program will update the existing Customer info and fields. If the product Email does not exist the import program will insert a new record in the database.

  Click here to download sample CSV

To import customers, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Import" from the admin menu:

Select the "Customer Import" tab.


Please note that only csv files can be imported.

Step 1: Choose a File

From the Import Customers screen click the Browse button and select your CSV file.

Step 2: Import Now

To import the selected sreadsheet, click the Import Now button to upload the file

When the import is complete, a success message is displayed.

Note that this process may take several minutes, depending on the number of records to be imported.


Import Field Specification

Field Name Field Format Required Description
FirstName String Yes Customer First Name
LastName String Yes Customer Last Name
Address1 String Yes Customer Address 1
Address2 String   Customer Address 2
City String Yes Customer City
Country String (2) Yes Customer Country
State String (2) Yes Customer State
Zip String Yes Customer Postal Code
HomePhone String   Customer Home Phone
CellPhone String   Customer Cell Phone
WorkPhone String   Customer Work Phone
Email String Yes Customer Email
DNNLogin String Yes Customer DNN Login
CompanyName String   Customer Company Name



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