Variant Group Import

The Variant Group Import function provides the ability to import an unlimited number of Variant Groups from a .csv file.



There are several methods that can be used to import Variant Group data into your store. No matter what method you use, you should export first so you can view the column headings and ensure your import data matches the proper format. This same file can then be modified and used as the import file.

When importing your Variant Groups, the program will lookup Variant Groups by GroupID, if the GroupID currently exists in the database the import program will update the existing record and if the GroupID does not exist the import program will insert a new record in the database.

The Variant Import function allows you to import the following data to the Smith_ProductVariantGroup table:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Hide
  • Group Help URL

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Import Field Specification

  Click here to download sample CSV

Field Name Field Format Required
ProductSku String Yes
GroupID Integer  
GroupName String  
GroupDescription String Yes
Hide Boolean Yes
HelpURL String  
Delete Boolean  

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Running the Variant Group Import

To import variant groups, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Import" from the admin menu:

Please note that only .CSV files can be imported.

Step 1: Choose Import type

Select the Product Import tab at the top of the Import Data management page.

Step 2: Choose a File

From the Product Import tab click the Browse butto

Step 3: Select a File Name

Navigate to the file you want to import, and click Open.

Step 4: Select Import Options

Select the Variant Groups Import Option.

Step 5: Import Now

To import the selected coupon spreadsheet, click the Import Now button to upload the file.

When the import is complete, a message stating that the import was successful is displayed.

Note: This process may take several minutes, depending on the number of records to be imported. You should also allow time for the data to be processed: for example, it should take about half a minute to import 100 products, five minutes to import 1,000 and so on.

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