Sell Software and Generate License Keys

The cart fully supports selling software and downloabable products. After a user successfully purchases a soft product the download links are presented to the user on the confirmation page, email confirmation (configurable) and the my accounts module (configurable). The download urls are completely secure and hidden from the user to prevent piracy.

To configure a downloadable product go to the product setup screen and populate the ”Download URL” field with the URL to your product. Before entering the path in the “Download URL” field do the following:

  • Choose a folder on your server where your downloadable products will reside.
  • The location for your downloadable products can be off the portal root of your DNN site or the files can be located on another server.
  • Next, copy your electronic product files to the directory you just created on your server. Uploading your files can be done using the DNN file manager, FTP or remote desktop to your server.

Note: By allowing you to copy your downloadable products to your server using FTP you can copy as many products as you wish in a single operation rather than uploading your products one by one.

Enter the URL for your downloadable product in the “Download URL” field

URL syntax for downloadable products:



Example URL:


The download button will show up on the confirmation page after successful purchase next to the product in the order details. The download button is also available to the user in the My Accounts module for downloading after purchase.


If you are selling software and want the cart to generate license keys you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Use the Serial Number feature in the cart to assign your license keys
  2. Use the OnCheckOut Complete event call web service to call a web service that you developed with logic to generate and return license keys.
  3. Use the OnCheckOut Complete event call stored procedure to call a stored procedure that you developed with logic to generate and return license keys.


For additional levels of control and security for your electronic products we offer a companion product for SmithCart called The Gatekeeper Download Manager.

Features include:

  • Anti piracy features for electronic products
  • Velocity Checks - number of times and/or number of days to allow file to be downloaded by a recipient
  • PDF Watermarking/Stamping - Stamp every page with predefined fields from the order. Stamps are secure and cannot be removed.

For more information on Gatekeeper download manager click here


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