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SmithCart supports the ability to display Members Prices to the user in your store on the Product Listing, Product Details, Cart and Confirmation screens.

Note: This option is used for displaying a Member Price only and does not apply a Member Price to the Product during checkout.

For more Member Pricing options, please see the Member Pricing KB article.



When Show Member Price is enabled, the member price will are displayed alongside the regular prices defined for your products.

Note: Member Prices must be individually configured on each product.

The following steps are required to configure the Show Member Price option:

Step 1 – Enabling Show Member Price

Enabling the Show Member Price option turns on the feature. For more information, please see the Enabling Show Member Price section below.

Step 2 – Member Price Product Setup

The Product Setup screen allows you to set the Member Price of a Product. For more information, please see the Member Price Product Setup section below.

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Enabling Show Member Price

In order to enable Show Member Price in your store, the Show Member Price option needs to be selected. Navigate to the Discounts/Member Pricing management screen from the Store Admin Menu and select the option titled Show Member Price as depicted in the following screenshot:

For more information on the Discounts/Member Pricing management screen, please see the Discounts KB article.

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Member Price Product Setup

To set a Member Price on a Product navigate to Product Setup management screen of the PRoduct you would like to add a Member Price for and enter a Member Price in the Sale and Member Pricing section as depicted in the following screenshot:

After entering the Member Price for a Product click the Update button to save or click the Cancel button to cancel.

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