Manage Manufacturers

A Manufacturer is a person or company that makes goods for sale.  At least one manufacturer should be created before products are added as the Manufacturer field is required when adding a Product. Products can also be filtered by manufacturer using the Manufacturer Module.

To add a Manufacturer, navigate to the Manage Manufacturers page by clicking the Manufacturers option on the Store Admin Menu.

The following grid view listing of your manufacturers will be displayed.




Click the Add Manufacturer button.


The following add page will be displayed:



Fill out the Manufacturer screen then click the Add Manufacturer button to save.

If the Manufacturer was saved correctly the following message will be displayed:


This completes the steps to add a new Manufacturer to your store.


Edit Manufacturer

To edit Manufacturer, click the Edit button next to the Manufacturers you wish to edit.


Delete Manufacturer

To delete a Manufacturer, simply click the trash can next to the Manufacturer you wish to delete.


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