Impersonator Module

The Impersonator Module allows Operations personnel to place orders in the cart on behalf of others.  Examples of Operations personnel are as follows:
  • Buyers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Customer Service Reps (CSR's)
  • Any personnel at your company responsible for taking phone orders.
Normally the cart will pre-populate the checkout screens with the logged in user's profile information.  The Impersonator overrides this behavior and allows you to be logged in with one account while placing orders with another account.  The address book allows you to place orders for others without being logged in with their account.
Step 1 – To get started using the Impersonator drag the module on to a page and you will see the following:
Step 2 – Click the settings button and select the page where you have added the BuyNow module. 
Save Settings after you select the "BuyNow Page Name".
Step 3 – Create Buyer DNN Roles
Hover your mouse over the DNN Admin menu and select “Security Roles”. 
The following screen is displayed:
The Impersonator module requires that Buyer roles start with “SCBuyer”. 
For example:
  • SCBuyer1
  • SCBuyer2
  • SCBuyer3
  • SCBuyer4
  • Etc. etc.
By creating multiple "SCBuyer" roles, you are able to create buyer groups that allow you to assign CSR's different groups of customers that they will be responsible for buying for.

Click the “Add New Role” link to create your new “SCBuyer” roles. 
If you only have one buyer placing orders on behalf of customers you only need to create a single SCBuyer role.
Step 4 – Create Buyer DNN Accounts
Hover your mouse over the DNN Admin menu and select “User Accounts."
Create all the DNN accounts for your Buyers that will place orders on behalf of others.  Alternatively, you can ask the Buyers to create their own DNN accounts in your portal by clicking on the “Register” link and create an account as a normal user would.
If the Buyers already have registered and created DNN accounts in your portal you can skip this step.

Step 5 – Assign Buyer DNN Accounts to SCBuyer Roles
From the User Accounts screen (same screen from Step 4) click the “Manage Roles” button next to your first buyer user account as follows:
The following screen will be loaded:
Select the “SCBuyer” role you created and click “Add Role to User."  The Buyer will now be a member of the “SCBuyer” role.
Step 6 – Add Customer “Ship To” Addresses and Assign to SCBuyer Role
Click the “Manage Customers” button below to create customers:
The following Customer Impersonator screen will load:
Enter all the customers your buyers will be placing orders for.  Enter the customer’s ship to information including the customer’s DNN login, password and select the Buyer Role of the buyer that will be placing orders on behalf of the customer you are creating.
Logoff as admin, you have completed the admin level configuration steps required.
Step 7 – Login to your Portal with Buyer DNN Account and Start Buying!
Login to your Portal using one of the DNN Buyer accounts you created in Step 4 above and navigate to the page with the Impersonator Module.  When you are logged in with a buyer account the Impersonator module will look as follows:
When logged in as a valid “SCBuyer” role you will notice the following differences in the Impersonator module from when you are logged in as a portal admin:
•The “Manage Customer” and “Settings buttons will be hidden
•The customer dropdown list will be populated with the customers that are assigned to the logged in buyers role (SCBuyer)
From the dropdown list, select the customer you want to place an order for and click the “Select” button to load the customer’s ship to address into session (memory).
Next, navigate to the page with the BuyNow module and start adding products to the cart and checkout. 
You will notice that the customer’s information you selected from the Impersonator module will be automatically populated in the checkout screens saving your company a lot of data entry time!

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