Quick Order Entry Module

The quick order entry module is useful for power users that order product from your store frequently and don't want to waste time navigating the catalog and adding each product to the cart individually. The quick order entry module allows frequent customers like distributors and re-sellers to quickly add items to their cart by entering the product sku or part number.


Setup and Configuration

After you have added the Quick Order Entry module to a page, hover your mouse over the DNN Module Actions Menu and click “settings.”
The following screen will be displayed:
BuyNow Page Name– Select the page where you have added the BuyNow module. This tells the Quick Order Entry module which page to redirect to when the user clicks the “add to cart” button.
Select Form Type - You have the option to use a Spreadsheet Form to add multiple products at once, or a single entry for that allows users to view and confirm each product before adding to the cart.
Allow Non Products - 

Spreadsheet Form

Users can enter multiple SKUs and quantities and add the directly to the cart. This is helpful for users who would like to add multiple products to the cart easily and efficiently in only one step.
The number of lines configured in your settings will be displayed as a default. The users have the ability to add lines if the default number is not enough.


If you navigate to the Cart Page, you will now see the items from the spreadsheet in your cart.
Quick Order Entry has saved you time and you are now ready to check out.

Single Entry Form

Users can enter a SKU and quantity and verify the product description and add to cart.
When the user enters a SKU and clicks "Search" the Quick Order Entry module displays the product name for verification and allows the user to enter a quantity as illustrated in the following screen shot: 
Once the user inputs the quantity and presses Add, the product is automatically added to their cart.  The user can continue to add additional items to their quick cart until they have added all necessary products.
When the user is done adding all the items they want to buy to the quick cart, they click the “Add to Cart” button to move the items to the main cart and are taken to the cart page to check out.
Now, you have successfully and efficiently placed a quick order using SmithCart.

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