Payment Setup

The Payment Setup allows you to select and configure the Payment Gateways, Payment Methods, Payment Zones and Custom Payment Fields for your store.

To access the Payment Setup screen, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Payment Setup" from the admin menu:

The Payment Setup screen displays a tab view with the following sections available to be configured:

When using a Hosted Payment Gateway as the primary gateway such as PayPal Website Payments Standard or (SIM), the only Payment Setup section which is required to be configured is the Payment Gateway Setup screen.

If a direct Payment Gateway is selected as the primary gateway, such as (AIM) or PayPal Website Payments Pro, the following 3 screens are required to be configured:

  1. Payment Gateway Setup
  2. Manage Payment Zones
  3. Manage Payment Methods

For detailed information about the differences between a Hosted and Direct Payment Gateway please see the Payment Gateways - Direct vs Hosted KB article.

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