Manage Categories

SmithCart supports the ability to manage Categories with the Manage Categories page.



SmithCart provides the ultimate in flexibility when managing categories:

  • Unlimited Categories/Departments/Manufacturers
  • Categories and Departments can be fully nested to any level desired (e.g. sub-categories, sub-sub-categories, etc.)
  • Products can be mapped to more than one category, sub category, sub-sub-categories, etc

To manage, add, or edit Categories,navigate to the BuyNow module, hover over Products, and select Categories/Departments as depicted in the following screenshot:



The next screen displayed will be the Manage Categories screen.



If Categories have been added, a grid view will be displayed that lists your Categories and will allows you choose and configure the following Categories options:

  • Add Categories
  • Edit Categories
  • Category Role Setup
  • Category Quantity Discounts
  • Delete Categories

The Manage Categories listing grid contains the following basic information about each Category in your store:

  • ID
  • Sort
  • Category Name
  • Description
  • Parent Category
  • Share
  • Department

Category Settings

The following settings are available to be configured for Categories:

Sort Order - The sort order field controls the order in which the categories are displayed in the product catalog. Enter a numeric number from 1 to 999. The product categories will be sorted in ascending order by the sort order field.

Category Name - Enter the product category that you wish to add in the “Category Name” field.

Parent Category – The parent category is used to define subcategories and nested sub categories. If you do not select a parent category and leave the dropdown as “Root Level” then you are defining a top level category. If you choose a parent category from the dropdown list you are defining a subcategory or a sub sub category, etc.

Department – Select the department you want to add the category to.

URL Keywords – The keywords entered in this field will be dynamically added in the URL of the product listing page when a user clicks on a category from the categories module. Enter keywords that are relevant and targeted towards your category. Targeted keywords in the URL help your SEO rankings. If you enter several keywords use hyphens as dividers and not underscores as hyphens have proven better for SEO.

Share – The “Share” checkbox only applies if you have added more than one cart module on different pages in your portal. This feature is used in situations where you want multiple product catalogs on different pages of your website. For example, if you are selling books and computers on your website and you wanted to have one page dedicated to books and another page dedicated to computers. If the share checkbox is checked for a particular category the category will be displayed in all product catalogs on any pages where you have added the shopping cart module. If the share checkbox is not checked then categories added to your first cart module will remain separate from categories added to your second cart module.

Category Description - Rich text editor can be used to manage the category description field. Category Description is displayed at the top of the product listing page when the category is clicked in the category menu.

Note: By default the category description is not displayed on the product listing page. The category description is enabled in the Store Settings under Product Listing section. See the Store Settings section for more info.

Quantity Discounts – To setup quantity discounts for a category click the quantity discounts link next to the category.

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Add Category

SmithCart provides the ability to add new Categories to your store. To add a new Category take the following steps:

Step 1 – Select Add Category

The first step of adding a new Category is opening the Add Category page. To open the Add Category page, navigate to the Manage Categories page from the Store Admin Menu then click the Add button at the top top of the Category listing grid.

Step 2 – Configure Category Settings

The next step to adding a new Category is adding the Category information.

The following fields are required to add a new Category:

  1. Sort Order
  2. Category Name

Fill out the Add Category screen then click the Add New Category button to save.

If the Category was saved correctly the following message will be displayed:

This completes the steps to add a new Category to your store.

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Edit Category

To edit a Category from the Manage Categories page, check the checkbox next to the Category then click the Edit button or simply double-click on the Category you wish to edit in the grid.



Once a Category has been selected from list the following Edit Category screen will be displayed:



Make the changes to the Category and click the Update Category button to save your changes.



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Delete Category

To delete a Category from the Manage Categories page, check the checkbox next to the Category you wish to delete then click the Delete button to delete the selected Categories.



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