Category Role Setup

SmithCart allows you to show and/or hide categories by DNN role.  When you show or hide categories by role the categories will be shown/hidden from the Category Menu module and associated products will be shown/hidden on the product listing page.

Note: Categories are displayed to all users and roles by default. It’s not required to choose Roles unless you want to configure a Category for only the selected roles.

To Show/Hide Categories by Role, take the following steps:

  1. Access Manage Categories

    To access the Manage Categories screen, click the Categories / Departments option from the Store Admin Menu as depicted in the following screenshot:


  2. Select a Category

    To select a Category, from the data grid that lists your Categories, check the checkbox next to the Category then click the Roles button at the top of the Manage Categories listing grid as depicted in the following screenshot:


  3. Configure Category Role Setup

    The next page displayed is the Category Role Setup screen.


    On the Category Role Setup screen, the following 2 sections are available to be configured:

    • Show Categories by Role(s) - Select the roles you wish to Show the Category for.

    • Hide Categories by Role(s) - Select the roles you wish to Hide the Category for.

  4. Save Category Role Setup

    After configuring your Show Categories by Role(s) and/or Hide Categories by Role(s), click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save your settings.


  5. Enable Category Role (Optional)

    If you are using the Category Menu module you have one final step. Navigate to the Category Menu Settings and select the Enable Category Roles setting.


    After selecting Enable Category Roles, click the Update button to save the settings.

If you show/hide a category by role all the associated products in that category will also be shown/hidden respectively.

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