Booking Products

SmithCart supports configuring your store for managing all types of booking products.  The following sections walk you through the steps of setting up and configuring bookable products in your store.
Please note: The article explains the steps to configure a bookable product if there are no date restrictions. If you need to control the dates which are available to be booked, please use the Booking module. More information about the Booking module can be found in the Booking Module KB article.

BuyNow Module Setup

1.  Go to your DNN site and login with an account that has admin permissions
2.  Navigate to the page with the “BuyNow” module, and select “Setup” from the admin menu:
3.  Scroll down to the section titled “Booking, Reservations & Gift Registry” section and expand it.  Select the “Enable Booking” radio button option as follows:
4.  Click the Save button to save your settings.

Product Setup

1.  Navigate to the page with the “BuyNow” module, and click "Products" from the top admin menu.  Then click the “Add Product” button.
2.  Enter your product name, price and other required information on the product setup screen.
3.  Expand the “Inventory Stock Configuration” section and enter your product quantity on hand and weight as follows:
The quantity on hand is the total number of items that are bookable.  For example, if you are selling rooms in a bed and breakfast you would enter the number of rooms available per night.
Weight is used for shipping calculations, so just enter zero since bookable products are typically not shipped.
4.  Expand the “Booking” section and configure the product booking options as follows:
Enable Booking – Check this box to enable your product as a booking product.
Show Date Picker – Check this box to display the date picker button next to the start and end date textboxes on the product details page.
Show Time Picker – Check this box to display the date picker button next to the start and end date textboxes on the product details page.
Booking Units – Select the booking units for your product.  The following booking units are supported:
  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Event

Inventory Management

Booking units and quantity on hand control how your inventory is managed and how user purchases decrement inventory days being available (green) or unavailable (red).
For example, if you configure:
Booking Units = Daily
Qty On Hand = 100
Configures the cart to allow up to 100 quantity purchases per day before the day is marked red on the product details calendar.
If you are sold out Monday thru Fridays one week in August the calendar would display as follows:
5.  Click the Save button to save your product.

Product Details Page

The Product Details module displays the booking calendar for booking products and allows the user to purchase booking products.  When a user navigates to the product details page for a bookable product they will see the following:
The calendar displays a booking calendar of the current month and days are shaded according to availability status as follows:
  • Green - Available
  • Red - Unavailable


To purchase a booking product, select the start and end date you want to book.  The start and end date can be selected in the following ways:
  • Highlight a range of days in the calendar.
  • Click the date picker button next to the date textbox
  • Enter the date into the textbox
Proceed through the checkout as normal to complete your order.  After a successful order, the calendar for the product will be updated to reflect if the product is now sold out for the days purchased.

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