Gift Registry

A Gift Registry can be used for birthdays, holidays,  baby showers, graduations, wedding, etc.  Possibly the most common form of a gift registry is the bridal registry.  The Gift Registry provides the ability to maintain a list of items or “gifts” and offer potential gift givers the capability to purchase these items. Buyers can be certain that they are purchasing items that the receiver will appreciate. The registry is limited to the stock of a given retailer and once an item has been purchased it is removed from the list and can prevent gift givers from duplicating gifts.  Each registrant can display, create, and manage multiple gift registries. Registrants are also able to leave comments for each gift or registry, as well as indicate the date of the event and address for shipping the gifts.
The first step is to install SmithCart.  The following article discusses how to configure the BuyNow and Vendor modules as a gift registry.

BuyNow Module Setup

1.  Navigate to the page with the BuyNow module and from the store admin menu select “Setup”:
2.  Scroll down to the section titled “Booking, Reservations & Gift Registry” section and expand it.  Select the “Enable Registry” radio button option as follows:

3.  Click the Save button to save your settings.

Add Products

The next step is to add products using the product setup screen in the BuyNow module.  The store admin should setup the products.  The registrant should NOT be given permission to do this step.
For a detailed description of product setup please see the following article.

Vendor Module Setup

The next step is to add the Smith Vendor module to a new page.  The vendor module allows you to define, monitor and manage inventory information on products.  Additionally, it allows you to group your products in categories that allow users to quickly find your products to reserve and buy.
1.  Add the SmithVendor module to a new page.
2.  After you add the Smith.Vendor module to a page you will see Vendor Admin menu as follows:
3.  Click the "Settings" button to load the settings page and then select "Gift Registrant" from the Vendor Type radio button as follows:
4.  Select the BuyNow page name and enter the email information for the registrant
5.  Click the save button to save your settings and return to the vendor admin menu.

DNN User/Role Setup

The next step is to setup the following DNN roles and users:
1.  Registrant – The registrant of the gift or wedding registry.  For example in a wedding registry the registrant is the couple getting married.

2.  Buyer – The user buying gifts for a registrant.

Registrant Role/User Setup

1.    Make sure you are logged in as admin, and select "Manage Roles" from the DNN admin menu at the top of your screen:
2.  From the Security Roles page add a new role called "SCRegistrant" as follows:
3.   Next, select "Manage Users" from the DNN admin menu at the top of your screen:
4.  From the manage users screen, locate the user you want to make a registrant.  If the user does not exist create a new user.  
5.  Assign the "SCRegistrant" role to the user you want to be a registrant.

Create a Registry

To create a new registry or manage an existing registry do the following:
1.  Login to your portal using the “Registrant” user account you created above.
2.  Navigate to the Registry Admin Menu and click the "Manage Registrants" button:
2.  After you click the “Manage Registrants” button you will see the following screen displayed:
3.  Click the "Add Vendor" button and enter the required registrant information in the form.
First Name and Last Name – The registrants first name and last name.  The labels can be changed to anything that fits your business by modifying the RESX  label values located in the \desktopmodules\smith.vendor\app_localresources folder.  In the Registry Management screen above we have configured the labels for a wedding registry and named them bride and groom first and last name.
Name of Registry – Used to populate a dropdown list used for filtering on the  product listing page of the BuyNow module.  Shoppers use this dropdown to view your registry. When a buyer selects your registry from the dropdown on the product listing page, the items they add to their cart automatically are applied to your registry.
Photo – Does not appear in the front end cart. This feature is only for reference by the store admin.
Contact Information – All contact information should be filled out as thoroughly and accurately as possible. This is used by Admin to contact registrants regarding orders placed and/or changes that have been made to the store.

4.  Click save when finished.

Adding Items to the Registry

Adding items to a registry associates products in the store with a registry.  Adding items to the registry should be done by the Registrant or the owner of the registry.
To add items to a registry do the following:
1.  Make sure you are logged in as a user that has been added to the “SCRegistrant” role.
2.  Navigate to the page with the BuyNow module on it and you will see your products listed with an “Add to Cart” and “Add to Registry” buttons displayed next to the product as follows:
3.  Click the “Add to Registry” button next to the desired product to add it to your registry.  Notice once you have added a product to your registry, the "Add to Registry" button changes  to "Remove from Registry".  If you want to remove the item from your registry, simply click the "Remove from Registry" button.
4.  From the product listing page, continue to add all the products you want to your registry.

Manage Inventory

To manage the registry products navigate back to the Registry Admin Menu and click the "Manage Products" button.
From the manage products screen you can manage the following items for each product in your registry:
Quantity Limit – Max quantity registrant would like purchased for any given sku.
Quantity Purchased – Calculated field based on aggregate sales in the order detail table:
  • Total Items Sold (minus) Total Items Refunded
The following 2 fields allow for adjustment of quantity purchased:
  1. Qty Adjustments
  2. Qty Refunded
Comments - Comments for each item in the registry

Purchasing Items from a Registry

1.  If the registrant clicks add to registry from the product listing or product detail page the product will be added to the registry.
2.  If registrant clicks add to registry from the product listing or product detail page and the product is already in their registry the cart should display the message “Product Already in Registry” and the product will not be added to the registry.
3.  The registrant can use the existing search, sort and navigation of the buynow module to locate and add products to their registry.
4.  When a BUYER buys a qty of an item from the registry the qty of the item is deducted from the REGISTRANT’s registry.
5.  The Category Module provides the ability for users to filter a registry.

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