Articles Module


Smith Articles displays a neatly formatted list of articles. The article list displays the following items:
  • Title of each article
  • Article description and summary
  • Date that the article was created.
  • Optional attachments with download link
Smith Articles supports integration with Smith ShareBar, which gives your users the ability to share any article on their favorite social networking site. Please see the Smith ShareBar section for more information on social networking features.

What is the Smith Articles Module?

The Smith Articles module allows you to display content from digArticles in your shopping cart. Articles may contain attachments such as PDF or Microsoft Word documents. Articles can be also associated with one or more products to allow relevant articles to be displayed on any page in your portal or within the SmithCart Product Details module. Please see the Smith Cart User Manual for more information on the Product Details module. For more information about digArticles, visit
The following features are supported:
  • Media and Image Gallery
    • Built-in image Lightbox
    • File Gallery and FlowPlayer FLV video and MP3 player
    • jQuery Media Plugin integration. 
    • Embed popular file formats, flv, swf, pdf, wmv and more!
  • Windows Live Writer
  • Threaded Comments with Moderation
  • Article and Comment voting (Likes, Digg, Mixx, Nukes, etc )
  • 12 Article Styles
  • Twitter Integration
  • News
  • Categories and Tags
  • Custom Fields
  • Media and Content Management
  • Unlimited scheduled or one time imports from RSS Feeds.
  • Imports media and categories
  • Import from Ventrian News Article

Configuring the Smith Articles Module

To manage article settings do the following:
  1. Login to your portal as the Administrator or Host
  2. Click the Manage Settings button in the articles module.

Article Settings

You can customize the look and feel of your articles module using the following settings:
Button ThemeThe cart comes with the following eleven professionally designed button themes:
  • Azure
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Forest Green
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • And more!
Select the button theme that matches your portal skin the best.
Articles per Page – Select the number of articles to show on each product listing page (5 by default).
Show Product Dropdown – The product dropdown menu allows users to filter articles by product. Selecting a product in the dropdown will display only those articles which are associated with the selected product.

Email Settings

Email Settings is used to set the name and email address for sharing articles via email. When a user chooses to share an article via email, this information will be used to fill in the name and email address that the message will be sent from. Please see Smith ShareBar for more information on email sharing.
Mail From – Enter the name that you would like to appear when you share an article.
Mail From Email Address – Enter the email address that you want the shared article to be sent from. 

Product Associations

Product Associations are used to associate an article with one or more products.
To associate an article with a product, select the article and the product from the dropdown menus and then click Add Association. A list of articles and associated products appears at the bottom of the screen. To dissociate an article from a product, locate the article in the list and click Delete. When one or more articles are associated with a product, the article(s) will be displayed under the Articles tab in the Product Details module.

Viewing Articles - Front- End Screens

After you have added articles, you can view the videos either using the Smith Articles module or on a tab on the product details page of the cart.

Viewing Articles with the Articles Module

Once your Smith Articles module is configured and you navigate to the page in your portal with the Articles module, you will see the following screen displayed:


Viewing Articles with the Product Details Module

To view related articles in the product details module, the setting must first be enabled in the product details settings.
Step 1 – Access the product detail module settings by hovering over the “Manage” button as seen in the screen shot below:

Figure 1 Settings Screen
Step 2 – Scroll down and locate the “Tab Setup” options.  Click to check the “Show Articles Tab” as seen in the screenshot below:
When the article setting is enabled, an Articles tab is displayed above the product detail which contains a list of all articles which are associated with the product:

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