REST API EndPoints


A) Enabling & Configuring REST API


B) Obtaining Authorization

1. Implicit Grant

2. Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant


C) Requesting JSON Payload

1. Using Orders EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListOrders Lists all orders
GetOrderByID Retrieve an order by its ID
ListOrderItems Lists an order purchased items
GetOrderItem Retrieve an order purchased item by ID
AddUserOrder Add an order for a specific user
GetUserOrder Retrieve an order for a user
ListCurrentUserOrders List the orders for the current user
GetCurrentUserOrder Retrieve an order for the current user

2. Using Customers EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListCustomers Lists all customers
GetCustomerByID Retrieve a customers by ID

3. Using Products EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
ListProducts Lists all products
GetProductByID Retrieve a product by ID

4. Using Profile EndPoints:

API EndPoint Description
GetCurrentUserProfileAttribute Retrieve a profile attribute for a user
UpdateCurrentUserProfileAttribute Updates a profile attribute for a user

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