Product Slider Module

The Product Slider module is a new and innovative way to display your products to your customers. When placed on the front page of your website, the module is able to highlight the featured products and variants you have created within your SmithCart Module, while giving your website a professional and polished appearance.

Setup and Configuration

The following sections describe how to configure the Product Slider Module. To access the settings for your Product Slider, follow the steps seen below.

Product Slider Settings

To access your module settings, navigate to the page you have added the Product Slider to. Hover over the “Manage” button click the “Settings” link as seen in the screenshot below:
Then Access the Slider tab:
You will then see the following settings:
BuyNow Page Name – Choose the page that you have the BuyNow module configured on your portal.
Product Details Page – Choose the page that you have configured for your Product Details module. This page will display when a user clicks on an item inside the Product Slider Module.
Data Source – Choose which type of products appear inside the Product Slider Module.
Featured Products – Slider displays products that have been marked as featured on the product setup screen in the cart.
Recommended Products – Slider displays products based on your buying history, items frequently purchased together, other shoppers buying history in your psychographics and related products. The only part you have to setup is related products, the other associations happen automatically by the engine.


The product slider module can be extended to fit your business requirements.  If you’re interested in receiving a quote for customizations please request a quote using the following link:

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