UPS WorldShip Export

SmithCart is integrated with the UPS WorldShip program to print mailing labels, receive tracking numbers and print postage. To export the open orders that are ready to ship from the cart to UPS WorldShip, navigate to the Admin Menu in the BuyNow module and select Orders.

From the Manage Orders screen verify that the orders you want to print mailing labels for have a status of “Open”. Change the status of the order to another status (i.e. Backordered or On Hold) if you do not want to ship the order and include the order in the xml file to be exported to UPS WorldShip.


After you have verified that all the orders you are ready to ship have a status of “Open”, navigate to the admin menu and select the Import/Export option from the Store Admin Menu.
Open the Export tab.
Select the UPS (XML) Order Export Type. The following options will be displayed when you select UPS (XML):


  1. All the orders in your store will be displayed in the Order Export grid. Filter the Export Order grid by the Order Status of Open or any other criteria you wish to ship and create and create mailing labels for.
  2. From the Update Order Status To dropdown, select a status that all orders successfully exported to the UPS WorldShip xml file will automatically have their order status changed to.
  3. Click on the "Export Orders" button. To export all orders selected to UPS WorldShip using the xml interface.
  4. Save the file (XML) produced to a directory on your computer.
  5. Launch the UPS WorldShip program.
  6. Use the XML Auto Import feature in the UPS WorldShip program to import and process the xml file you just exported from the cart. See the UPS auto import guide on how to setup the World Ship program to import the XML file
  7. Once WorldShip imports the .xml file and prints the labels, your processed .xml file is renamed, and a file containing the shipment information and tracking number is automatically created and placed in the same folder as the .xml file.

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