RMA Module

The RMA module is designed to provide you with the ability to handle the process of Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA’s) for your online storefront.



RMA's are fully integrated with SmithCart and provide the following features:

  • Designed for any type of vendors
    • Manufacturers
    • Distributors
    • Suppliers
  • Works for B2C and B2B Returns Processing.
  • Support for Single, or Multiple items per or RMA Case
  • Paperless returns processing.
  • Automatic email notifications 
  • Multi line Notes for supplemental information
  • Review, reject or approve new RMA Requests
  • Reject or Approve inpidual items from multiple-item RMA
  • Generate RMA Numbers or Enter your own
  • Assign automatically generated RMA Numbers.
  • Support for custom RMA status
  • Support for automatic Product Sku Validation. System validates product skus with SmithCart order and automatically rejects invalid codes.
  • RMAs can be adjusted on receipt


The RMA module is delivered as a standard DNN installable zip or PA (Private Assembly). You install the RMA module just like you would install any other DNN module.

To learn more about how to install a module click here.

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Setup and Configuration

The RMA module is useful for tracking and recording product returns. After you have installed the module, navigate to the page where you added the module and you will see the RMA Admin Screen as follows:

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RMA Management

You can add or edit an existing RMA from the following RMA Admin Screens. If RMAs have already been added, you can select the Manage RMA’s button to view all the existing RMA’s requested. The colored ball icons on the left indicate the following, Green: the order is returnable, Yellow: the order has a partially returned quantity, or Red if the order cannot be returned. The following buttons are displayed on the RMA Admin Screen:

  • Add Selected Items
  • RMA Statuses
  • RMA Rules
  • Manage RMAs
  • Search Serial No

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Adding a New RMA

To add a new RMA, click the arrow icon on the left side of the grid to drill down into the order and check the item which you would like to return. Then click the “Add Selected Items” button you will see the item and quantity added to the RMA Minicart:

Once you have your items in the RMA MiniCart and the items are ready to be returned select next on the RMA MiniCart.

Next, you will be directed to the Confirm RMA Screen shown in the screen shot below:

Here is where the customer or admin will see a summary of the RMA being Requested. In addition, you will see the following fields:

  • Email: This is where the customer RMA Request Confirmation email will be sent. By default the email will be sent to the email stored in the DNN profile.
  • Notes: Here the customer or admin can enter notes when submitting the RMA.


After you click the Submit Request button you will be directed to the final screen where a confirmation of the request is displayed. If the RMA request was successful you will see the following message displayed:

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Editing an RMA

To edit an RMA, click Manage RMAs button from the RMA admin screen. You will be directed to the following Manage RMAs Screen.

The following screen allows you to view and/or edit every aspect of the existing RMA.

RMA Field Definitions Below:

Approved – Change the Approval status of an rma. By defualt the rma request will reflect as pending.

Status – This field reflects the status of the rma. The admin can customize the status’s displayed from the main rma admin screen.

Return Type – Update the return type of the item. Choose to credit, refund, or replace the item requested for RMA.

Return Reason – The customers reason for returning the item.

Resoloution – The Resolution for the rma.

Public Notes – Notes that will be dispalyed to the customer and admin.

Customer Notes – Notes submitted by the customer.

Internal Notes – Notes can can only be viewed by admins and will not be displayed to the customer.

Notes – This field displayes the notes from when the rma was requested.

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RMA Templates

RMA templates allow you to manage the printable RMA form that can be printed or emailed to the customer or saved for your records.

Adding an RMA Template

To manage the RMA Email Templates please follow the steps as outlined below:

Step 1: From the Store Admin Menu, hover over templates and select the email link.

After you click the Email Templates link the following screen will be displayed:

Step 2: Select from four different customizable RMA Email Templates:

  • RMA Admin Email Template
  • RMA Customer Email Template
  • RMA Update Admin Email Template
  • RMA Update Customer Email Template

Step 3:  Add the templates to customize the layout and contents using the rich text editor.

Step 4: Click the Submit button to save the Template

Editing an RMA Template

In order to edit an existing template, click “edit” as seen in the screen shot below:

Be sure to hit the “Update” button when you are done making changes to your template.

Deleting an RMA Template

In order to delete an RMA template, hit the “Delete” button:

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RMA Rules

The RMA Rules allow the admin to create custom rules that can be applied to all products or each product inpidually. Select the RMA Rules button on the main RMA 

admin screen to manage the RMA Rules. Select the “Add RMA Rule” button to add a rule and the following screen will be displayed:

Enter the rma rule name and search for products to add to the rule or apply the rule to all of your products. You can search for the product by sku or name. Once that is added you can choose from three different return types to add to the rule. Once you select the return types to add you will see the following fields populated:

Now enter the number of days before the customer can no longer return that item for each return type.

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The RMA module can be extended to fit your business requirements. If you’re interested in receiving a quote for customizations please request a quote using the following link:


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