Category Menu Module

Category Menu module displays all the Categories and Sub-Categories you have entered using the Manage Categories screen.  For information about the Manage Categories screen, please see the Manage Categories KB article.

The following is a screen shot of the category menu module:



Filtering Products by Category and/or Sub Category

To filter the products by category or subcategory simply click on the category or subcategory and the products will be filtered by the category or sub category clicked.


Configuring the Module Settings

To configure the Category Menu Module settings hover your mouse over the “Manage” button at the top of the module container and choose settings as depicted in the following screenshot:

Then select the Smith Category Menu Settings tab.


The following section will describe each setting and allow you to customize the Category Menu Module of the cart.




Category Module Setup

The category menu settings control the default behavior of the category menu when the page loads.

Category Menu Type - The following Category Menu type options are available to be selected:

  • Store - The Store option enables the Category Menu Module to work with SmithCart.
  • Auction Categories - The Auction option enables the Category Menu Module to work with the SmithAuction Module.

BuyNow Page Name – If the Category Menu Module is on the same page as the BuyNow Module it’s not required that you select a page from the BuyNow Page Name drop down list. If you add the Category Menu Module to a page that does not have the BuyNow Module on it then you must select the page name that has the BuyNow Module. This tells the Category Menu Module which page to navigate to when the user clicks a Category.

Default Department – Select the default Department you would like to display Categories for. If you want to show all Categories in all Departments select All Departments.

Note: This setting only applies if you are using the Department Module. If you are not using the Department Module then select "All Departments". For more information about Departments, please see the Departments KB article.

Default Category – Select the Category to display in the Category Menu Module. If you want to show all Categories, select All Categories. When a Category is selected here, the Category Menu Module will only display the category and sub categories selected.

Show Product Count – When checked displays a product count in parentheses next to the category. Indicates the total products for any given category.

Enable Category Roles – Check this box to enable category level roles. When checked will show and hide categories based on show/hide rules configured in the manage category screen.

Category Menu Layout – Select the layout for the category menu module. The following Category Menu Layouts are avialable to be selected:

  • Tree View Style 1
  • Tree View Style 2
  • Tree View with CheckBoxes
  • List View
  • Price Filtering
  • XML Tree View

Behavior - The Behavior options control the default behavior of the Category Menu Module when the page loads. The following Behavior options are available to be selected:

  • Collapse All Categories – When collapse all categories is selected all the subcategories will be collapsed and only top level categories will be displayed.

  • Expand First Category – When expand first category is selected the first category will be expanded to show sub categories and all other categories will be collapsed hiding the subcategories.

  • Expand All Categories – When expand all categories is selected all categories will be expanded showing the respective subcategories.

Expand/Collapse Icon - Select the icon type to use for expanding and collapsing categories in treeview mode. The following Behavior options are available to be selected:

  • Use Arrow Images - When selected uses the expand/collapse arrow images.
  • Use Plus/Minus Sign - When select the category menu module will display plus/minus signs to expand and collapse category menu subcategories.


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