Department Menu Module

Large retail establishments with an extensive assortment in variety and range of goods, organized into separate departments. The Department Menu Module allows users to filter Products by Department



Departments allow you to create a higher level grouping on categories and products. For example, you could setup Departments as depicted in the following screenshot:

When you click on a Department the following 2 things happen:

  1. Categories in the Category Menu Module are filtered to show all the Categories in the selected Department.

    For more information about the Category Menu Module, please see the Category Menu Module KB article.

  2. The BuyNow Module (Product Listing Page) is filtered to show all the Products in the selected Department

The user could then check certain categories to further filter the Product Listing to refine their Product filter and find the products they are looking for. and have good examples how department filtering works.

Configuring the Module Settings

To configure the Department Menu Module settings hover your mouse over the “Manage” button at the top of the module container and choose settings as depicted in the following screenshot:

Then select the Smith Department Menu Settings tab.


The following section will describe each setting and allow you to customize the Department Menu Module of the cart.


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Department Menu Module Setup

The Department Menu settings control the default behavior of the Department Menu Module when the page loads.

The following Department Menu Settings are available to be configured:

Department Menu Type – Select the Department type. Select "Store" to enable the Department module to work with Smith Cart. Select "Auction to enable the Department module to work with the Smith Auction module.

BuyNow Page Name – The page where you have added the BuyNow module.

Department Menu Layout - Select the layout for the Department menu module. The following Department Menu Layout options are available to be selected:

  • Radio Buttons
  • Tree View Style 1
  • Tree View Style 2

Hide All Departments Option. – Check this box to hide the "All Departments" option.

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