Affiliate Tracking Module

The Affiliate tracking module tracks referrals to your site and gives you the ability to pay out commissions to your affiliates.  When the affiliate module is placed on a page and your affiliate refers a customer that purchases on your site the affiliate ID is saved to the order table giving you the ability to track affiliate sales.

Step 1 - Affiliate Tracking Setup

Add the Affiliate Tracking module to any page on your site.  If you add the affiliate module to a page called "Home", then the URL you give your affiliates is:

The easiest way to get the URL is to go to the page you added the affiliate module and cut and past the URL and then add ?AffiliateId=dave

Substitute "dave" with the username of your affiliate.


Step 2 - Create Your Affiliates

The next step is to create your affiliates either by having them register on your site or manually creating them using the Registration Pro.  Download the Registration Pro module here.
You can use the user login name as the Affiliate ID.   After your affiliate is registered as a user on your site, send them an email like the following: 


Dear Affiliate,

Your account for the Affiliate Program has been created.

To begin earning commission, please use the following URL to link to our site:



Create a Product Data Feed

If you would like to offer your Affiliates as much effective advertising material as possible for promoting your products and services, creating a product data feed should be a high priority. This will allow your Affiliates to display your products on their websites to potential buying customers with relative ease and this will typically increase your sales.

What is a data feed?

A data feed is simply a file that contains all the relevant information about your individual products such as their name, price, product purchase page URL, product image URL, description, category etc. A data feed is provided in .csv format which can be easily manipulated by using MS Excel and Notepad.

Why is that important?

Affiliates can take data feeds and manipulate them to be used on their websites in any way they want to. That means that they can display every product item, or every category or every price range etc. in any manner they wish to on their own websites. The options are limitless for Affiliates and therefore many are very interested in promoting Merchants who offer data feeds.

The following is an example SQL statement that creates a product data feed for Share A Sale. After you run the SQL statement you will need to export results to csv. In the SQL below, replace xxx and URL with your store information.

Share A Sale Data Feed Specification

       modelname AS Name,
       + CAST(sp.[productid] AS varchar(255)) + '/' + [seourl] + 'Default.aspx' AS URL,
       unitcost + PriceAdjustment AS Price,
	   unitcost + PriceAdjustment AS RetailPrice,
       '' + [productimage] AS [FullImage],
       '' + [productimage] AS [ThumbNailImage],
       '' AS Commission,
       'xx' AS Category,
       'xxx' AS SubCategory,
       summary AS [Description],
       '' AS SearchTerms,
       '' AS [Status],
       'xxxxx' AS MerchantId,
       '' AS Custom1,
       '' AS Custom2,
       '' AS Custom3,
       '' AS Custom4,
       '' AS Custom5,
       manufacturer AS Manufacturer,
       '' AS PartNumber,
       '' AS MerchantCategory,
       '' AS MerchantSubCategory,
       '' AS ShortDescription,
       '' AS ISBN,
       '' AS UPC,
       '' AS CrossSell,
       '' AS MerchantGroup,
       '' AS MerchantSubGroup,
       '' AS CompatibleWith,
       '' AS CompareTo,
       '' AS QuantityDiscount,
       '' AS BestSeller,
       '' AS AddToCartURL,
       '' AS ReviewsRSSURL,
       '' AS Option1,
       '' AS Option2,
       '' AS Option3,
       '' AS Option4,
       '' AS Option5,
       'x' AS ReservedForFutureUse1,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse2,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse3,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse4,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse5,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse6,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse7,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse8,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse9,
       '' AS ReservedForFutureUse10
FROM Smith_Products sp
INNER JOIN [Smith_ProductVariant] spv ON sp.ProductID = spv.ProductID



Commission Payout

Affiliates can link to any page on your site and the affiliate tracker module will track the affiliate id all the way through check out/purchase and saves the affiliate id with the order in the database. To pay out commissions to your affiliates you have the following options:

  1. The old fashioned way with paper checks and snail mail
  2. Use your virtual terminal provided by your payment gateway to electronically deposit the affiliate commissions directly to your affiliate’s bank account via ACH.
  3. Custom solution you design and we develop for your company.

If an affiliate links to your website and the customer purchases a product in your store you should pay commissions to affiliates. The typical affiliate commission is between 10 and 20 percent.


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