Related Products

The related products feature gives you the ability to cross-sell, up-sell or recommend additional products to customers. From the product setup screen click the “Related Products” button on the top menu

The following screen is displayed:


The list box on the left titled “Master Product List” contains a listing of all products currently setup in your store. The list box on the right titled “Related Products” contains a listing of the products you have selected as related products.

To create add related product do the following:

1. Edit the product that you want to add a related product to.

2. In the list box on the left, highlight the product you want to add as a related product

4. Click the arrow button pointing to the right >>

5. Click the “Update” button and the bottom to save

If you have setup related products they will be displayed in a tab titled “Related Products” on the product detail page as follows:

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