Storewide Sale Discount

The following are different ways you can configure storewide sales in your store:
  1. From the store admin menu click the "Discounts" button and configure order level discounts by percent or amount.
  2. You can configure a storewide sale using either price class discounts or category discounts. When you go into the price class or category discount setup screen just set your qty range from 1 to 999999 to cover all quanties and the discount will automatically be given for all products.
  3. Another way to offer storewide sale discounts is in the product setup screen you can enter member prices and in the buynow module settings select the radio button for "Show Member Pricing" that will show the regular price and the member price on the product list and detail without the need to calculate based on quantity. You can rename the "Member Price" label to "Sale Price" on the product list and details page.
  4. In the product setup screen you could also configure sale prices.

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