Email Reminders

The Billing Manager module has a built in feature that can be configured to send automated email reminders 15 and 30 days prior to the date when a customer’s subscription or recurring billing is due.   The emails reminders are triggered off the “Recurring Date” field on the Manage Invoice screen.

Enabling Automated Email Reminders

To enable the automated email reminder to be sent out to users who have invoices/recurring payments due do the following:
1.  Go into the DNN Host menu > Schedule page and click on the Add Item to Schedule link.
2.  In the “Full Class Name and Assembly” field enter the following:
3.  Check “Schedule Enabled” and enter 1440 in the “Time Lapse” field to tell the DNN scheduler to check once a day for customers that have email reminders due to be sent.
Click Update, and the DNN scheduler will be activated and ready to send email reminders to your customers. 
After you are finished the schedule screen should look like the following:

Customizing the Email Reminder

To customize the content of the email reminder to add your company logo, custom message, etc. you can modify the email html template “InvoiceEmailReminder.htm” located off your portal root directory in the /DesktopModules/SmithBillingManager folder.
The following email tokens are supported in the invoice/recurring email reminder template:

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