Amazon Checkout

Smith Cart is integrated with’s Checkout by Amazon.  Checkout by Amazon provides an easy way to accept payments in SmithCart.  Amazon Payments handles the payment and generates a payment receipt.
Checkout by Amazon provides your customers the faster way to check out with Inline Checkout. With Inline Checkout, buyers click the Checkout with Amazon button and quickly complete the purchase, remaining on your site during the entire checkout process.
Use the following steps to setup your SmithCart module with Checkout by Amazon:

  1. Login to

  1. Make sure Sandbox is selected for testing purposes. When you are ready to go live, select Production and repeat the steps below.

  1. Go to Integration -> MWS Access Key and copy your Access Key and Secret Key

  1. Go to Settings -> Checkout Pipeline Settings and copy your Merchant ID

  1. Go to Admin Menu -> Payment Settings -> Payment Gateways and put in the values you obtained from Checkout By Amazon for the Access Key, Secret Key, Merchant ID

You can also use Amazon as an additional checkout option if you have another gateway configured as your primary gateway.
When your Amazon Checkout is configured, your users will be able to checkout with the Checkout with Amazon button seen in the screen shot below:
The following popup will appear, prompting customers to log in to their Amazon account:
Once they customer is signed in to their Amazon account, the shipping information will populate from their Amazon Address Book. They will then need to click the “Calculate Shipping” button, as seen in the screenshot below:
The shipping address that the customer selects will then auto-populate in the checkout page:
The next step of the checkout process is shipping. The address selected from the Amazon address book will populate itself in the fields of the next screen:
The credit card information will also populate from the user’s Amazon account:
When the user selects a payment method, they will be taken to the confirmation screen:
Once the transaction is complete, the final screen is the Confirm Status page:
The Benefits of Using Checkout by Amazon
  • You gain access to tens of millions of active account holders.
  • You provide a safe and secure way for your buyers to pay for orders on your website.
  • Your buyers see the Amazon Payments mark, so they are confident that their payment information is secured by Amazon Payments.

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