Affiliate Marketing with ShareASale


A person that we are working with sent us a pixel to put in place on the confirmation screen but that method does not seem to be able to indicate which affiliate referred the sale.
I found that the store setup has two fields under "Affiliate Setup", those are MerchantID and Affiliate URL and we plan on using ShareASale.

How do I enable affiliate marketing with ShareASale?


Smith Cart has a flexible affiliate setup that allows you to integrate your store with any advertising network you like.  Advertising networks like Commission Junction and Share A Sale are supported. You can choose to setup your program to pay on a percentage of a sale (pay-per-sale), a pay-per lead basis (PPL or CPA), or a pay-per-click.
In the BuyNow module settings Affiliate Setup section you can enter the following information:
Merchant ID – Enter the Merchant ID for your affiliate network.  Commission Junction and Share a Sale are examples of affiliate/advertising networks.
Affiliate URL - Enter the Affiliate URL for your affiliate network. 
Affiliate URL Tokens - The following tokens are supported in the Affiliate URL:
[ORDERID] – Smith Cart Order ID
[ORDERTOTAL] – The total sale amount of the order
[MERCHANTID] - The Merchant ID for your affiliate network
[SKULIST] – A comma separated list of skus for each line item ordered
[PRICELIST] - A comma separated list of the product unit cost for each line item ordered
[QTYLIST] - A comma separated list of the quantity ordered for each line item


The following is an example “Affiliate URL” with tokens for the Share a Sale ( advertising network:[ORDERTOTAL]&tracking=[ORDERID]&transtype=Sale&merchantID=[MERCHANTID]&skulist=[SKULIST]&pricelist=[PRICELIST]&quantitylist=[QTYLIST]
In the cart user guide in the Affiliate Tracking Module chapter there are about 10 pages dedicated to this topic.  If you are also interested in setting up affiliate data feeds, see the section titled "How to Create Product Data Feeds for Affiliates" which explains how to allow your Affiliates to display your products on their websites to potential customers.  

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