Clean Product Details page URL's

The cart has a built in custom URL Provider that kicks in when you enter your product URL keywords. This article explains how to configure your store to display clean URL's on the product details page.  
By default, URL's on the product details page will look like
To configure your store to use the product name in the URL instead of the ProductID do the following:
1.  Navigate to the page where you added the BuyNow module and click the pencil next to the product you want to edit.
2.  Click "SEO Tags" on the product menu at the top of the page
3.  In the URL Keywords textbox, enter the value you want displayed on the product details page
4.  Click the "Save" button to save your changes
5.  Navigate to your product details page and your URL should look like the following:
Please note: Each product should have a unique URL Keyword.  If you are importing your products, the product import supports importing the SEO URL keywords and other SEO product meta tags.

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