How to pay out affiliate commissions

Affiliates can link to any page on your site and the affiliate tracker module in the cart will track the affiliate id all the way through check out/purchase and saves the affiliate id with the order in the database. To pay out commissions to your affiliates you have the following options:
  1. The old fashioned way with paper checks and snail mail
  2. Use your virtual terminal provided by your payment gateway to electronically deposit the affiliate commissions directly to your affiliates bank account via ACH.
  3. Smith Cart is integrated with STP Systems Multi-Tier Affiliate Manager for DNN. You can use the cart to take orders and use the STP module to manage your MLM business and payout commissions. For more information on the STP Affiliate Manager module click here.
The STP Affiliate Manager has a scheduler that periodically reads Smith_Order and OrderDetail tables. The STP Affiliate Manager tracks approved paid orders from Smith Cart, once the STP Affiliate Manager detects a new paid order in Smith Cart it checks who is a sponsoring affiliate of the purchaser and assign commission according to the STP Affiliate Manager “Event” settings. In addition to “built-in integration” the STP Affiliate Manager module allows adding custom commission “Events”. Custom Events have to be triggered according to specific user action (for instance let’s say business wants to pay $1 commission for every user who opts in to email subscription). In this case administrator has to create custom Event (configure properties) then attach JavaScript code snippet (generated automatically) that raises the Event on the subscription Signup button.
Smith Cart is integrated with the STP single level and multi level (MLM) Affiliate Manager modules
Single Level Affiliate Manager module
Multi Level (MLM) Affiliate Manager module

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