Subscription Email Notifications


Does the module auto generate an email notification when a subscription is about to expire?


No, the module only sends an email notification to the user and admin after the initial payment is made. Since the recurring billing is done by the payment gateway Authorize.Net can be configured to  send email notifications on the following events:
  1. Daily Transaction Summary — A daily summary of transactions associated with your subscriptions. This email type includes a CSV file each for successful and failed transactions.
  2. Failed Transaction Notice — Notification of failed transactions for your ARB subscriptions.
  3. Subscription Due for Expiration — Notification of upcoming subscription expirations.
  4. Credit Card Expiration — Notification of upcoming credit card expirations for ARB subscriptions.
  5. Subscription Suspension — Notification of suspended subscriptions for reasons of transaction decline, rejection, or error.
  6. Subscription Expiration — Notification of subscriptions that have expired.
  7. Subscription Termination — Notification of subscriptions terminated by the payment gateway.

Login to your Authorize.Net virtual terminal to configure all the email notifications above.


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