Member Promotional Pricing & Recurring Billing


My company sells memberships for $100 per month. We have a new member offer whereby new users can sign up for 2 months for $149, and is increased to $100 per month in the 3rd month (and all following months). Can we modify this module to charge the $149 up front, and then delay recurrent billing for 60 days? We could offer $75 per month for the first two billing cycles, but we would obviously prefer not to lose the full $149 investment upon the initial registration (the user could cancel on day 21, and we would lose $75). Thanks.


Yes, our registration module supports your requirement its called trial subscriptions, they enable you to offer an upfront trial period and discounted pricing on your subscription or membership. Trial subscriptions are only supported with the gateway. The following three fields allow you to configure trial subscriptions. Enable Trial - Check this box if you want to enable Trial Subscriptions. Trial Occurrences - Number of billing occurrences or payments in the trial period Trial Amount - The amount to be charged for each payment or occurrence during a trial period. To enable a free trial enter 0 here. Once the number of trial occurrences for the subscription is complete, the regular amount you entered in the Product Price field under Product Setup will be charged for the remaining re occurring payments. If you have chosen to enable Trial Subscriptions, the user is still required to enter their credit card information.

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