Page Templates

Page templates allow you to customize the look and feel of the product catalog in your store.

To customize page templates, navigate to the BuyNow module and select "Setup -> Templates -> Page" from the admin menu:

Click the "Add Template" button and the following template editor will be displayed:
  1. Select the Template Name

    Select Page Template Name. The Page Template Name is only used on the Manage Email Templates grid.

  2. Configure Template

    Customize the layout, content, text, and HTML using the rich text editor meet your requirements.

  3. Save the Page Template

    When ready, click the Submit button to save or Cancel button to abort adding the template.

    The Page Template will be saved in your Portals\[portalID]\SmithCart\Templates folder.​




Customizing a Page Template

The Page Templates can be modified by you to suit your requirements by using the Editor on the Page Template Management screen or by using your favorite editor. Controls can be moved or hidden, layouts can be changed and buttons can be added or changed. If you want hide a particular field or control, make sure that you do not delete any of the aspx controls, just set the visible property of the control to false.

The Page Templates can also be modified manually by navigating to the Portals\[portalID]\SmithCart\Templates folder and modifying the .ascx template files.


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