Custom Fields

Business Directory includes a full form generator which allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of custom fields on your Signup Form and Directory Listings.

To access the Custom Fields screen, navigate to the Signup module and select the Custom Fields option from the Directory Admin Menu.

The next screen displayed will be the Manage Custom Fields screen. If no Custom Fields have been added, the following screen will be displayed with an Add Custom Field button:

If Custom Fields have been added, the following will be displayed:

To add a new Custom Field take the following steps:

  1. Open Add Custom Field Page

    To open the Add Custom Field page, click the Add Custom Field button.

  2. Configure Custom Field Settings

    The next step to adding a new Custom Field is adding the Custom Field information.

    The following settings are available to be configured for Custom Fields:

    Field Label - Enter the label you want for your custom field on the signup page.

    Field Type - Select the field type from the “Type” dropdown box for your new custom field.The following custom field types are supported:

    • Textbox
    • MultilineTextbox
    • Hyperlink
    • Dropdown
    • File Upload (pictures, files, pdf, etc)

    Field Value - The field value field applies to the dropdown control type only. If you have selected the Dropdownlist control type enter the values to appear in the dropdownlist. Enter the values separated by commas.

    Listing Type - Check the listing type checkbox you would like the new custom field to be displayed in the Signup form; Free Listing, Standard Listing and/or Premium Listing.

    Sort Order - The sort order field controls the order in which the custom fields are displayed on the sign up form and listing detail screens. Enter a numeric number from 1 to 999.

  3. Save Custom Field Settings

    After filling out the Custom Field Settings, click the Insert button to save the Custom Field.

    If the Custom Field was saved correctly the following message will be displayed:

    This completes the steps to add a new Custom Field.

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