Abandoned Cart Tracking and Marketing

Up to 74% of eCommerce carts are abandoned before checkout but studies show that with tracking and marketing, you can recover up to 15% of abandoned carts and increase your revenue. With our eCommerce module, you can create automated email campaigns that notify customers of their abandon carts and offer them coupons to purchase. Let's get started. 

Abandoned Cart Notifications

From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 
Select the Abandoned Carts tab under Marketing on the left hand side.
You will see the following screen:
Click on the Add Email Button
Enter the details for your email campaign:
Active: Check this box in order to send your Abandoned Cart email at the scheduled interval. Uncheck this box if you don't want to send this abandoned cart email. 
Type: Select Abandoned Cart as the type of campaign.
Message Name: Enter the message name. This is for Admin purposes and displayed on the back end only.
Email From: Enter the email address you will be sending your Abandoned Cart marketing from.
Subject: Enter the subject of the email, this will be displayed in the customer's email program.
Scroll down and you will see the template for your Abandoned Cart Email. 
You are able to configure this email template to include any information you would like, as well as your company logo. If you would like your Abandoned Cart email to offer a discount to entice customers to complete their orders, you can use the [COUPONCODE] email token. The template will use the Coupon Code setting (below) to populate the correct coupon code. For more information on email templates and tokens, please see the email template knowledge base article here. 
Next, you will configure the settings and marketing interval for the email template you just configured. 
Select a Language: Select the language for your email.
Coupon: Select the coupon you would like to include in your Abandoned Cart marketing. For more information on setting up coupons, please refer to the Coupons knowledge base article here. 
Send this email: Select the interval to send the Abandoned Cart email you designed above. You can configure the email to send in hours or days. You can create as many Abandoned Cart emails as you want with different intervals. 

Abandoned Cart Analytics

After you have configured your Abandoned Cart marketing emails, you can start tracking the analytics. Select Abandoned Carts from the reports tab in the Admin Console:
The following screen will display your abandoned carts in comparison to your total revenue, as well as the abandoned carts that have been recovered.  You can configure it to show daily, weekly monthly or yearly. 
You will also see a list of the carts that have been abandoned.

Over time, with Abandoned Cart marketing, you will see the rate of abandonments go down, and the rate of recovered carts go up!
If you are seeing a high abandonment rate, let us know! Our in-house staff of eCommerce experts can help you analyze your site and make recommendations on how to start getting more conversions.
You now have all of the tools you need to add, manage and track Abandoned Carts with RazorCart! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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