My Account for RazorCart

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RazorCart comes standard with a module titled the “My Account” module. The My Account module allows the user to login and view their order history. The My Accounts will only display orders if a user is logged in and has previously purchased from your store. The My Accounts module can be added to a portal page that only registered users can access or any public page in your portal.  It also allows includes a printable PDF invoice.

Configuring the Module

After you have installed and configured your RazorCart store, you can add the My Account module to a page. After you add the My Account module to a page, you will need to select your store in the settings:
Save your settings.

Viewing Orders

If a user is logged in and has previously ordered from your store, they will be able to view their previous orders on the My Account screen. They can view order details by clicking on the view button next to the order:
Once they are viewing the order details, they can use the print button in order to print their order details:
If this order was a recurring billing (subscription) a "cancel subscription" button will be displayed allowing the user to cancel his subscription.
You now have all of the tools you need to use the My Account module. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.