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RazorCart comes standard with a module titled the “My Account” module. The My Account module allows the user to login and do the following:
1.  View their order and payment history
2.  View their downloads
3.  Manage their wallet (payment methods)
4.  Manage their shipping address
5.  Pay an open invoice if the user has an outstanding balance.
The My Accounts will only display orders if a user is logged in and has previously purchased from your store. The My Accounts module can be added to a portal page that only registered users can access or any public page in your portal.  It also allows includes a printable PDF invoice.

Configuring the Module

After you have installed and configured your RazorCart store, you can add the My Account module to a page. After you add the My Account module to a page, you will need to select your store in the settings:
Save your settings.

Viewing Orders

If a user is logged in and has previously ordered from your store, they will be able to view their previous orders on the My Account screen. User's can print an invoice by clicking the print icon next to the order.  They can view order details by clicking on the view button next to the order:
Once they are viewing the order details, they can use the print button in order to print their order details:


Pay Invoice Online

If an order has an open balance then the user can pay their balance online.  If you view the order detail and scroll down to the payment section you will see a payment button if the order has an outstanding balance.
When you click the "Pay" button the following popup will be displayed:
To make payment, enter your credit card information and click the "Pay Now" button. 

Viewing Downloads

User's can view their downloads by clicking the "Downloads" tab:

Managing Your Wallet

The wallet feature allows users to manage multiple payment methods like credit cards and bank accounts.  During checkout, the user simply selects their payment method from their wallet and their billing information and payment method are automatically populated so they don't have to key it in.

To configure the wallet to show in the checkout, please see the payment method setup article.

Manage Your Shipping Address

The My Account module gives customers the ability to manage their shipping address.  The shipping address is auto-populated on the cart page during checkout.


Manage Subscriptions

The My Accounts module allows customers to manage their subscriptions.  In order to have subscriptions show up here the customer must have successfully purchased a product where recurring billing is enabled.  
The customer can cancel his subscription by clicking on the cancel button next to the subscription.  In the next build 1.4.2 you will have the ability to edit your credit card and billing info as well as your subscription.
For more information on how to setup a recurring billing product click here.  To configure recurring billing payment settings click here.
If you want to hide any of the tabs in the My Account module modify the "My Account" viewset.  For more information click here.
You now have all of the tools you need to use the My Account module. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us. 

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