Managing Products

From the Admin Menu in your DNN portal, select RazorCart admin console:
You will be taken to the dashboard of your store. 
Select the Products tab under Inventory on the left hand side.
You will see the following screen:

Sorting Products

To sort products simply drag and drop the product to the desired location using the sort arrows.

Add Products

To add a new product click the "Add Product" button


Key in all the required fields of the product such as the product name, unit cost and quantity on hand.

Click the “Save” button when finished

Product Setup

The following section describes the fields required to setup a product.

Sort Order – The sort order field controls the order in which the products are displayed in the product catalog. Enter an integer number from 1 to 999. The products will be sorted in ascending order by the sort order field.
Product SKU – Enter your product sku or model number in this field. The product sku is typically a unique number that identifies your product for inventory purposes.
Product Name - Enter your product name in this field. The product name is displayed to the user in the product list, product detail and cart screens in the shopping cart.
Manufacturer - Select the manufacturer for your product from the dropdown list.
Price/Unit Cost – The unit cost is the cost you want to charge for your product. Enter your product unit cost here. If you set the unit cost for a product to zero it will enable “free checkout”. Free checkout will allow the user to add the zero cost product to the cart and checkout, bypassing the payment page where the user normally enters their credit card number.
Quantity on Hand – The quantity on hand field is used to manage your available inventory for your product. Enter the current available product quantity you have available in your inventory. Every time a user purchases a unit of product the quantity on hand is decremented by the number of units purchased. If a product has a quantity on hand of zero or if the customer tries to purchase a quantity of product that exceeds the available on had then the cart will display an out of stock message on the cart screen and not allow the user to proceed to checkout.  If you don't want to manage inventory, navigate to the store settings inventory management section and check the box to disable inventory management.
Unit of Measure – The cost or price of an item based on the unit of measure, for example if you sell the product by the case or by inches or feet. If you populate the unit of measure field it will be displayed next to the product price on the product details page.
Weight – Enter your product weight here. If you have configured your store to use the real time shipping calculator, please be sure to enter the product weight. If you enter a weight greater than zero the shipping calculator will calculate real time shipping costs. If you enter zero for your product weight, no shipping will be charged for that product when checking out. If the weight of the all the products in the cart is zero, then the cart will not charge shipping costs.

Sale Pricing

Price Class - Allows you to group products by price class and give discounts by price class.  For more information about setting up Price Classes see the Price Class Discounts section.
Sale Price – Provides the ability to set a sale price for a product. When sale price is populated the product listing and product detail pages on the front end cart will show the regular price with a strikethrough and the sale price will be displayed in red so the customer can see they are getting the product on sale.
Sale Start Date – Select the date to start your sale
Sale End Date – Select the date to end your sale
Shipping Cost - Enter the shipping cost you want to charge for this product.  If you want to use product level shipping cost you need to select "Product Level Shipping Cost" on the shipping setup page.


Edit Products

To edit a Product from the Manage Products page, click the pencil next to the product.

Make the necessary changes and save your changes. 

Delete Products

To delete a product,  click the "delete" button:

You now have all of the tools you need to add and manage your products with RazorCart! If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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