Product Grid

The Product Grid module allows you to display a grid or spreadsheet style layout of your products and custom fields.  Products are displayed as rows and custom fields as columns in the grid.

Mobile Responsive

The product grid is mobile responsive.  When the grid is viewed on a phone or tablet the columns will collapse and a "plus" sign will be displayed allowing the user to expand/contract each row to view the detail fields.

Filtering the Grid

To filter the product grid simply check the boxes you want to filter on and the grid will be automatically updated with the products that meet your filter criteria.

Querystring Filtering

If you have a lot of products in your catalog you may want to to filter the product grid by category.  The product grid supports passing a category in the querystring to limit the display of products by category.  If no category is passed in the querystring then all products will be displayed in the grid.
The format of the URL with the category in the querystring is as follows:[URLKeywords]
The Category "URL Keywords" field is used instead of the actual category name because the category name can contain characters that are not allowed in the URL.

Adding Items to Cart

After you have filtered products in the grid, you can add one or more products to the cart by entering the quantity and clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

Managing Products

For more information on managing products, see the following articles:

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